Unlisted topics become listed via references

When an unlisted topic refers to a listed topic, the former is backlinked in the latter, thus becoming “listed”.

Ideally topics would lose old and not gain any new back references when becoming unlisted. It seems okay to have the unlisted topics referencing the listed ones, though, if they happens to be explicitly linked there.


Do you mean… unlisted? What the heck is an “invisible” topic?

Yes, sorry. The pt_BR translation I’m using chose to use visible/invisible instead of listed/unlisted.

Updated terminology above.


I’m a bit confused by the use of “invisible” and “unlisted”

If what is meant is that linking to an unlisted topic in a listed topic:
> changes the unlisted topic to listed, AFAIK that should not be happening.
> makes the unlisted topic more easily found, then yes, that is true.

Perhaps there is a misunderstanding about what “unlisted” means?
It does not mean the topic is “invisible”, it means the topic can only be accessed from a direct link to it.

I believe he is talking about this:

So if an unlisted topic links to a listed one, the unlisted can be found in the links list on the listed.


Right, in practice the unlisted is listed. :slight_smile:

Well, you’re not supposed to post links to unlisted topics unless you want the link out there. So from my perspective, this is a feature.

Unlisted means that: not listed in the Discourse UI proper. But if you explicitly link to it in a post you yourself typed on the computer using your keyboard? all bets are off…

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It’s the reverse.

You create a post on a unlisted topic that contains a link to a listed post.

The Discourse link magic will create a back-link in the listed topic automatically.


OMG you’re right my bad @niemeyer I wasn’t understanding this.

That’s indeed a sort of bug.

@falco can you add something to the codepath which prevents showing the backlink if the topic is unlisted?


Fixed via:


Thanks for reporting this issue @niemeyer :+1:


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