Unlock a content hosted on an external blog for our Discourse community members


On our blog posts (external site), we’d like to set up a content locker behind premium resources (a downloadable document) in order to redirect blog post visitors to our community hosted on Discourse. Indeed, to unlock the resource, you will need to have an account on our Discourse community.

We’d like to set up an SSO to check whether the user is registered with the community. Ideally :

  1. if the user has an account on the community and is logged in on their browser, the content locker detects this and immediately unlocks the resource (without the user having to enter their Discourse’s login and password).
  2. if the user has a community account but is currently logged out, the content locker asks him/her to authenticate with his/her community login and password. And if the user is recognized, the content is unlocked.
  3. if the user doesn’t have an account on the community, he’s encouraged to sign up to the community, so that he can then be found unblocked on the blog article.

What’s your recommendation for setting this up?