Unlock posts after moderation

Is there a plugin which would allow for moderators or admins to unlock individual posts after they have been edited by a moderator? We have times where we need to make small adjustments to a user’s post (usually formatting), but then have them edit it afterwards. We don’t want to set the global variable for all posts to be editable after moderation, but would like a post- or category-level option instead.

The option to lock/unlock individual posts can be found in the post wrench menu:

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I’ve tried that, and it stays locked for the individual poster. This was after also making sure that they were under the edit time limit. I’ll create a dummy account and try again.

I thought that sounded too easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can give me a bit more detail on your set up I can give it a run-through on my test site to check everything is working as expected?

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