Unofficial plugins management during updates

we have now a Discourse installation with only official plugins. We are thinking of adding a couple of unofficial plugins:

But we are afraid that during Discourse upgrades something will go wrong due to incompatibilities. Mainly we are concerned about the times with the server down, not so much that certain functionalities do not work or the aesthetics may fail at some point.

If the plugin breaks at some point, can the upgrade totally fail?

Do you have any recommendation or good practice guide for upgrading with unofficial plugins?
What do you think about the risks associated with unofficial plugins?

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These are Pavilion plugins. Have you read our Support Policy linked on the OP of each plugin Topic?

We do our best to support breaking changes from core discourse* for the 1st 5 calendar days of every month. You upgrade outside of that at your own risk. This is free software so you need to be aware there is no warranty.

NB this is not a slight on Discourse or us. It’s just a technical fact of life because Discourse is evolved with automated tests only on official plugins.


but my question is if the plugins can break the update process and have the site stay offline until the problem is solved or if there is a simple way to do that if it fails, they are discarded and the site can work without waiting to solve the problem.

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Just remove the plugin if it breaks your site and rebuild.

There is more advice in the support Topic.


But that would erase all the data associated with the plugin, right? or later you could recover the functionality without problem


No it doesn’t, thankfully.


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