Upcoming Events calendar -- how to embed in post?

I apologize in advance for being unsophisticated. I have installed and been happily using a discourse forum for my cycling group, where we post upcoming rides using the calendar plugin. It has worked really well for us, and has served its desired purpose of getting us all off FB. The individual rides are posted as topics with all the RSVPs etc. It works great!

I’d really like a pinned topic at the top of our ride category that when clicked automatically opens the upcoming events calendar from the hamburger menu. I have only been able to create a topic that has the URL link in the text of the topic which requires an extra click. I am old, and to the extent I played with coding in the past I used php etc., a long long time ago :wink:

:thinking: /admin/customize/permalinks doesn’t seem to allow this, but maybe the upcoming-events link could be in the category description (and you could even use Discourse Category Banners )
May I also mention the 📅 Event List Widget (Layouts Plugin) which works great for me

AFAIK that widget is really problematic with mobiles — I haven’t tried it, though,

Well, I took a run at this and used the icons field in the brand header theme component to reproduce this across the site. Not exactly what I was looking to do but it works… Thanks all for suggestions…