Updated Discourse embedding parameters

We are updating Discourse embed feature to make it more flexible and secure. For this reason, we have to deprecate the class name and Discourse username settings and will completely remove them with version 3.2. We are providing equivalent replacement for both of them.

  • We are deprecating the class name field of embeddable hosts, which you could set when you created a new embeddable host. We recommend setting it from the JavaScript that is used to embed in your site.

    <script type="text/javascript">
      DiscourseEmbed = {
        discourseUrl: '...',
        discourseEmbedUrl: '...',
        className: 'CLASS_NAME',
      // ...
  • We are deprecating the discourseUserName parameter from the old DiscourseEmbed options list. We recommend setting via a <meta> tag such as:

    <meta name='author' content='DISCOURSE_USERNAME'>


    <meta name='discourse-username' content='DISCOURSE_USERNAME'>

We recommend you to check out the new updated suggested script from your admin page → Customize → Embedding.