Updating custom fields using API

There is now a message on docs.discourse.org:

Note: For any endpoints not listed you can follow the reverse engineer the Discourse API guide to figure out how to use an API endpoint.

But we’ll try to update it from time to time to make it more complete.

@philipp96, did you have a look at Reverse engineer the Discourse API? Understanding how such an action is done is very easy. It’s a matter of seconds, literally, once you’ve learned how to do it. :slight_smile:

For the custom field question:

  1. Open the network tab of your dev tools in your browser.

  2. Update a field in your user profile

  3. Look at [your username].json in the “Name” section of the network tab (you can also filter by the string json)

  4. Click the Payload tab on the right

  5. All the data sent in the body of your request is written here:

It’s the same process for other requests.