Uploaded emoji rendered big size when used as chat react

upload a gif emoji from settings>Customize>emoji
when use it in chat, as react emoji
the uploaded gif emoji is always rendered in a big size, comparing to the built-in ones.

  • when use a built-in one, the reaction emoji size is small(good)

  • use the uploaded one. see the uploaded one is too big as a reaction emoji.

adjust the gif size, it does not fix it, seems it is about styling…
guess, no matter how big the uploaded emoji, when used as a reaction, it should be auto resized as a small one as the built-in ones. ?

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I can’t reproduce. :thinking:


Is there any chance you have customizations on the .gif image?


thanks @Arkshine could you try this one.


The GIF has no size issue:


I think you have some custom CSS somewhere that conflicts with GIF in this area.

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hmm, thanks confirming… might be some styles used in our system…

If you feel adventurous, you can try to figure out based on the CSS used:

  • Right-click on the gif
  • click on inspect
  • Double-click to open the node and click on <img> tag

On the right, you can see the CSS used and you see the file name near it. This can give some quick clues about where the CSS is located. :+1:


figured out, thanks @Arkshine !