Urgent please help! How to detect language of user posts for moderators

Hi all, can anyone help me know that is there a way (plugin or other solution) to identify the language of a users post in a community app.

Scenario - Users of different languages are posting in the community platform (multilingual platform). I would like to bring personalisation for moderators by filtering out posts according to certain language. for example - if 3 users post 1 post each, one in English, other two in Spanish. So is there a way for moderators to filter out posts of Spanish language?

Thanks. need help urgently.

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If some user(s) always post in Spanish in a topic a moderator could use the filter feature on the user card. This hides other users replies and only displays those of the selected user. Not sure how well this will work in your use case or whether it is a useless suggestion by me altogether.

Hi @ondrej Thanks for responding back, My context is to identify post according to languages, For example how multilingual plugin helps by changing the content language. But in that case the users has to select the language in which they would type the post. (which becomes a content language tag). Your suggestion is to filtering users but not users post’s language (if i understood correct). But I am looking for a solution which auto detects the language of users post. Without asking them to add a language tag or asking a mod to add a language tag. something which does the job automatically for the moderators to filter post according to a language.