URLs mapped to root domain instead of cdn and wrong url path

When I added a cdn to the instance I operate, after rebaking all of the posts instead of pointing to the cdn, it pointed to domain.com/cdn.domain.com/original/2X/image.png

After trying to fix it the urls by remapping they pointed to domain.com/uploads/uploads/default

So what I am trying to do is at the very least point it back to /uploads/default or possibly to the cdn again if it won’t be pain and suffering all the way.

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This sounds related / familiar to this issue Short-url + secure_uploads + s3

script/discourse remap //domain.com/uploads/uploads/ //domain.com/uploads/ should do the trick.


Would this work with pointing to the cdn as well or should I look for another method

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So after some pain and suffering I found my solution.

  • Upload missing files to s3 bucket with s3cmd
  • Remap those to the cdn
  • Remap more stuff to the cdn (which somehow were mapped to https://uploads)
    And then redo this process for every different type of incorrect mapping

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