Use AI to migrate data from other sites

Short reply/suggestion: Use AI to migrate data from other sites.

As we know many Discourse sites transitioned their existing knowledge from Google Groups or other such forums.

Every few months I find a very old posting in such a site that would be nice to have in the Discourse forum that is now the active repository of such information, e.g. this post

from this site

would be nice to have in

As many of us know trying to transform old sites into Discourse using deterministic software is really hard because as one gets into the corner cases it becomes harder and harder and you really don’t know how many corner cases exists. But with transformers, the T in GPT, it should be possible.

If an AI tool is created for such, the only caveat that should not be overlooked is to include a link in the translated post to the original, and/or capture the orginal for display if needed.

Thanks for considering.


Based on what I know about ChatGPT, GPT would probably just mangle posts, rather than migrating them correctly.