Use WP Discourse to publish posts from Wordpress to Discourse

I used the DiscourseConnect client setting. That uses Discourse as the authenticating system, and creates the user in Wordpress if they don’t exist. From the instructions on the plugin.

Enabling your site to function as a DiscourseConnect client allows WordPress user authentication to be handled through either your Discourse forum, or your WordPress site. If a Discourse user logs into WordPress through a DiscourseConnect link, they will be authenticated based on their Discourse credentials. If that user doesn’t yet exist on your WordPress site, a new user will be created.

Users will initially be set as subscribers in WordPress, and I will manually set them to authors (as needed). I plan on setring the site up so that unregistered users will be able to see all content, and will really only need to register in WP of they want to post articles.

All users in WordPress will first have to register in Discourse, then the connector will automatically either log them into WP, or create an account then log them in.