Problem linking Discourse forum to WP Discourse

(Barthélémy Miguel) #1


I’m working on a wordpress site and have the WP Discourse plugin installed. Our objective is obviously to sync our wordpress site with the Discourse forum so that when a post is published to the site it is also published to Discourse.

However until now it didn’t work much. While creating a post, even with the “Create new Topic” Discourse box checked, it does not work and the post isn’t created in the forum.

I went to the WP Discourse plugin settings and to me everything seemed to be fine (everything isn’t obviously fine and I may have done something wrong as it doesn’t work), the Discourse API key is correct as well as the SSO secret key, as I’m also trying to use my wordpress site as an SSO provider.

I noticed in the WP Discourse plugin settings that there were two error messages, when accessing the “SSO Provider” and “Connection” tabs:

which is quite problematic because there IS an admin user with this email address on the forum (myself).
and most importantly, “You are not connected to Discourse. If you are setting up the plugin, this notice should go away after completing the form on this page.”

Soooo my wordpress and Discourse don’t seem to be synced. Can I please get some help in order to solve this ? Feel free to ask if you need more information - I guess you obviously do

(Simon Cossar) #2

The first thing to sort out is the issue on the Connections tab. The plugin won’t work until you establish a connection with Discourse.

What have you set for the Publishing Username on that tab? It should be set to either the Discourse username of the system user (‘system’ by default) or the username of an admin user from your forum.

What version of WordPress are you using?

(Barthélémy Miguel) #3

Hello Simon, thanks for the answer.

So it seems really dumb, but as expected the Publishing Username wasn’t correct (I missed a space on the name). I fixed this and now I have the “You are connected to Discourse!” message.

Also no more error message on the SSO Provider tab. By the way I’m using WordPress 4.9.3.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for the answer. I’ll update this thread/create another one if I have any other issue especially with synchronizing the creation of posts between Wordpress and the forum.