Useful Metric/Statics

I read somewhere here in discourse but now I can’t find it, a post where someone write a usefull metric/static with SQL Query… there are a few, what I would like to use…

Could you point me out…


There are a couple of topics that relate to this:

  1. Data explorer queries
  1. Badge queries

It is possible to enter the ruby console and run ActiveRecord queries, if you feel more comfortable doing that.

But IMHO, the best way is to use the Data Explorer plugin.

  • it provides information about tables, fields, and field datatypes
  • it does only SELECT queries so it is inherently safer because it can not do anything destructive
  • has built in LIMIT so a poorly crafted query will not bog or crash your site

Some knowledge of the database architecture is still needed, especially for complex queries. But many (IMHO, most) times it is intuitive. eg.
it is clear that the posts table’s posts.topic_id field references the topics table’s field.


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