User card and profile page of staged users


In our forum if one click on the avatar of a staged user, he is directed to “you don’t have access to this page”.

Is there any setting to resolve this?

What would you like to see here, and who should see it?

I think this is working correctly and as I would expect:

  • staged user profiles are not visible to the public or to regular members. They see “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” This is correct.
  • staged users ARE visible to staff. This is correct.

The one thing I’d like to see is some label or indicator that the user is staged - right now as staff on my site I can’t tell a user is staged except for the fact that the location and user info provided via SSO are missing. Maybe simply grey out the name like in the admin user list?

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this is perhaps a more trust-based approach, than the no-access or not-existing error.

another alternative could be simply the user page showing that a user has never logged in; this information exists in the user page, Seen. so if the user profile page which is visible to admins is shown to others, everything would be all right.

I’m not sure about your setup, but on my site showing staged user profile pages to the public or other members would not make sense. The staged users are being created because people are writing to a team mailbox that then is creating the staged user and PM with the discourse group. Not everyone writing to this address is already a member or plans to become a member, so it would be bizarre for them to have a profile page.

:+1: agree, and that’s why I said your suggestion seems better to me than the current solution:

–> The one thing I’d like to see is some label or indicator that the user is staged.

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ah - got it. sorry, didn’t read carefully enough. :+1:t4:

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This is a very good point, @zogstrip can you take this? Maybe show an email glyph next to them to indicate “email only staged” with a tooltip too.


Sounds great. Maybe this could be avatar flair with a little email glyph and tooltip, also visible in messages and other places?

Another simpler thought I had today was to create a badge with flair for staged users, which would just require an sql query and no coding. It also makes it easy to see who the staged users are via the badge page. But then I’d not want to show that badge to anyone but staff.

I see there’s an email glyph on the user card for staged users now - thank you!

But on the user profile page there is no indication yet that the user is staged. Could this be added?

See screenshots.



Hmm that is odd we should indicate staged on that page too cc @zogstrip


Not sure how that one got unnoticed for so long… :thinking: