User Card Directory

Awesome Theme Component - Though will need to wait for Discourse 2.5 roll out.


Hi, David
i have a confusion, when i use search or select a group, my personal user card always shows, whether i am in the group or not in.
can you help me,
how to remove my card if i’m not in the select group or i’m not the search name.


Ah okay. I see. I meant this link and @fzngagan’s PR, but i see it was declined.

The only thing with the groups approach you mentioned is I think it would put a lot of manual onus on the moderators/admin of the forum to put people in groups as they join or worse, as they update their profile.
I’m trying to think of a workaround. Perhaps if there was a way to automate the segmentation of users into groups by a custom attribute, dropdown though so its exact matches? Curious if you know of anything like that.
I’ll look around.


nice presentation, it’d be great if one could switch between different displays: grid and table.

also the “filter by group” string can not be translated. may you fix it?



I setup your component on my local setup and results are amazing. Appreciate the efforts.

I noticed there’s a hidden site setting enable_new_user_card_route but it doesn’t seem to change the results here. Is the setting required for anything here?


Nope, that setting is not required for this. It changes the route used for “normal” user cards, so that they’re much more efficient. We’ll be changing the default to true in the next few weeks.

I’ll update in this topic when it’s done: Changes to the user card data source


We are running the master, which says it is even with tests-passed, but I am still having the problem with missing details on the cards, just as on the screenshot @cjk77 posted. Do we need to switch to tests-passed to get this working?

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You shouldn’t run master in production - it sometimes contains commits which have not yet passed continuous integration tests. tests-passed is much safer, and only a few minutes behind.

But yes, this theme should work on master. Can you share a link to your site so I can take a look?


Thanks David. Our site is at connect.arival,travel.


It does look like you’re running the correct version, so I’m not sure what’s happening here. If you can approve my account I’ll be happy to take a closer look.


Thanks @Lynne_Fetterman1, I’m in. I see this error in my browser console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

The server error is most likely caused by an incompatible third party plugin. I suspect either discourse-events or babble, but I’m not sure. If you visit /logs on your forum there might be a more specific error message available.


Hi David-

Haven’t found anything in logs. The only other plugins installed before/at the same time as the user card directory are the new topic button, discourse-social-share, and users top nav. I have disabled all three, and no change. The other plugins were all installed after user card directory, which was already not working.

Any other suggestions?

I think those are all #theme-component rather than #plugin.

Do you see anything listed at


Gotcha. Yes, we have a number of plugins installed, but they were all installed AFTER we installed the user card directory theme component, and it wasn’t working at that point either. Same issue, only displaying the name and the primary group, none of the other fields.

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David could you also employ a makeover component for badges/18/nice-topic & badges/6/nice-reply similar to this?


Hey David, thank you for making this plugin, its a really cool concept.

I have been facing a few troubles making the same work for my community on discourse. This is how the member directory looks after installing.

As you can see, the stats/numbers are showing up but without any context (for example hearts given, hearts received etc).

Could you please help me?

Do let me know if I’m missing something or doing something wrong.



This is exactly the concern I have for using that beautiful component. I’m afraid 99% of users won’t know what these numbers mean.
I’d remove some of them and add icons.

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When I first saw this, I wasn’t sure if it’s a bug or a feature. (Edit: looking at the screenshots in the OP it must be a bug)
I decided to remove the stats from the user cards.

.user-card-directory div.user-card-directory-footer {
  display: none;

I’m tempted to remove the badges as well. I use some custom fields instead, which I think provide information that make more sense on a user card.

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Thanks @Rohit_Manchanda @tpetrov @tomtjes, that was a bug. It is supposed to look like the screenshot in the OP. Please update the component to the latest version - it should work much better now.


Hey @david, thank you for the prompt response!

Could you please point me to the updated git repository? I tried using the earlier link (mentioned in the original post) and it was still showing the same stats (without any context).

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