User Count on /admin

I just hope that’s not an embarrassing newbie question.

If I am right, admins and moderators are also counted in the trust levels. So the number of normal users would be 86 at the moment.

Would it be possible to add the total number of normal user on the /admin page? (For example like in the mockup)



Not sure I fully understand your question, can you explain a bit more?


I would like to know the number of normal users (who are not admin or mods).

Under „Users per type“ you can see only a number for mods and admins, i want to know the rest. How many normal users are in our forum?

I changed the html in the browser and made a mockup (above) that shows this „rest“.

I calculated the following: 61+42+5-(19+3) = 86 (Values changed in the meantime)

At the moment the /admin page looks like this:

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We could maybe have this as real && activated && not_silenced && not_suspended && not_staff(not admin or moderator)

Also maybe I would just name it “Users”.

What do you think @codinghorror ?


If you think it makes more sense this way and is not a bunch of extra work, I am in favor.


Whats the state of this suggestion?
Thank you!