User directory layout for badge lists!

It occurs to me that the user directory layout that @eviltrout created is beautiful and lovely, and that it would be a big improvement to see lists of users with badges using the same layout. What say?

I don’t think it easily fits the same format, for one you need to display an extra column with topic title.

I do agree though the current layout is somewhat wanting.

  1. I can not see “where” I am on the list
  2. It falls apart on mobile
  3. No way to search for a user

I think we should address all 3 points.

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true, but this is only for the badges with a topic title. Perhaps the user directory layout could display the topic titles below each user on the list?

otherwise I think the user directory layout would work… but then I’m probably not seeing the full picture.

it feels odd here though, its totally unrelated information.

This is effectively complete now.