User feedback plugin


  • You can find at /users/[username]/activity/feedback a page where all the previous ratings for a user are and where you can also leave yours

  • In both the user profile and user card, you will see the average rating:

It’s important to mention that, similarly to what the Babble plugin does with the chat messages, the ratings are shown only in the user’s profile.

Repository and plugin installation instructions

Next improvements

  • Receive a notification when some leaves you a rating
  • Create a easier way to go to a given user’s ratings page.

If you find any bug or have some suggestions, please reply this topic :slight_smile:


If I enable it, I receive a 404 error on any user profile: forwards me to or simply sais that not exists
I will let it enabled for you for some hours and see how is working

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Thanks for reporting the bug. I just fixed it. It had to do with the average rating on users with no ratings. Please, upgrade the plugin and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic I’ve been looking everywhere for this plugin thank you for coming out with it!

We will be testing it out and I will let you know if I have any suggestions.

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@jafeth.diazc Just checking in to see if this is under continued development? Would you consider this to be ready to go on a live site?


Sorry, I haven’t been able to keep working on the plugin recently, but fortunately since next week I will have more free time to work on this.

Regarding to whether it is ready to go on a live site, without considering a few UI-related bugs I still have to fix, the plugin is currently usable. However, I must mention a couple of things:

  • About the way to get to a user’s feedback page. Currently, there is not a visible sign that there is a feedback page when you visit a user’s profile. Also, you have to click in activity and then in feedback to get there. Ideally, a solution would be a link like this:

    However, I’m not exactly sure if adding that button is currently possible for a plugin. In case it’s not I think a workaround could be to place a link over here, probably near the stars:

  • About the notifications when someone leaves you a rating. I asked here in Meta about the use of custom notifications and I was advised not to use it for now, so this feature (although very important) will have to wait.

Those, from my point of view, would certainly improve the usability of the plugin (of course, I’m more than happy to hear your ideas for other improvements), so you might prefer to install the plugin when one (or all of them) are done.

PS: I have a Discourse instance for testing purposes with the plugin installed. If you want, you can PM me your email and I will send you an invitation :slight_smile:


@jafeth.diazc Is this plugin up to date and still working?

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Hi, I have a multi site setup. For some reason when I try to install this plugin and rebuild image it fails due to this plugin. This plugin still working or is it not compatible with multisite setup ?

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Also interested in this plugin. Any ability to fix it?