User list without statistics



Enable users directory give the option to see a list of all users.
I would like to give this option to our users but I would like it to be only a list, without displaying the interaction count for each user.

Is there a way to do this?


(Evgeny) #2

I think the easiest option to do this is to hide using CSS

.directory table th.sortable {
    display: none;

.directory table td .username a, .directory table td .name, .directory table td .title, .directory table td .number, .directory table td .time-read {
    display: none;

.directory table td .number, .directory table td .time-read, .directory table th .number, .directory table th .time-read {
    display: none;

You can combine CSS and change it.


thanks for this!

Exactly what I needed.

Where can I find the classes and ids used? A “view page source” shows me a big long script and if I could see the html I could try to work these things out myself.

Thanks again!

(Daniela) #4

Press F12 on your keyboard to see the console browser. Here you can find the Html classes and ids.

If you click on “select element” and then you click on the element of the page you want to change it shows exactly the Html (and Css) used.


Thanks for that! forgot about the developers tools! :frowning: