User receiving post edit notifications for post they didn't create

One of our user has been receiving post edit notices for a post they didn’t create (things like thread archiving, tagging, etc.). The post’s ownership did get changed a couple times in the past, but never to this particular user. When going to that user’s profile and searching for posts by that particular user, this particular post does show up. Apparently they started receiving the notifications a few months ago, but the thread was originally created in 2021.

Not really sure if this is a backend post metadata issue or not. I’ve already reassigned post ownership twice today to see if that fixes anything, but it still comes up with the “posts by ____” search.


Is he watching the topic or post? That’s expected behavior of he is

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So, apparently there are two things going on.

  1. Yes, the user is watching the post. That explains the notifications (though we didn’t realize the user was based on how they originally described the situation). Thanks for the quick find there.
  2. Apparently our quick search function isn’t correctly filtering posts by specific users. The advanced search is doing fine, but if you search for a topic while on a user and then click the “search keywords in posts by user” button on the pop-up search dialog, it’s including threads that the user never posted in. That’s apparently where our actual problem is, and it’s not isolated to that thread.

May need to re-run all of the updates again in case there was something patched over the last couple weeks. I just don’t recall ever having this particular issue before.

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I would run an upgrade and then see if the bug persists.

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