User to user vs User to user with reply


I was wondering what is the difference between the reports:
Message User to User and User to User with replies.

for the same period, the first shows 107 and the second one shows 955.

Is it that user-to-user shows only the initial message and with replies shows absolutely all the messages sent back and forth?

BTW, I love that now all the “data export complete” messages shows the name of the report. very useful when creating a few reports one after the other.:+1:


User to user is the number of PMs with no replies
User to user with replies is the number of PMs with replies and all their replies.

We should change it to say User to User incl. replies


Done in: Clarify user-to-user message report titles · discourse/discourse@beef046 · GitHub


Thank you both for clarifying this!

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