"User Visits" report link on admin dashboard broken

One of our admins noticed that since applying the most recent Discourse version, the link to the user visits report on the admin dashboard is broken. Instead of going to http://community.sfn.org/admin/reports/visits, it’s set to this: http://community.sfn.org/report.reportUrl}}, so it seems that there’s a variable substitution missing or something like that.

We’re running the latest version of Discourse (1.3.0.beta9).


I can confirm this. Also happening on my site.

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Also happening on the Proletariat forums running 1.3.0.beta9.

For context - it’s working fine in the following version:

  • v1.3.0.beta7 +17
  • Discourse 1.3.0.beta7 - 875a013ec76e7ce0cbb95a61223cbbd16ed31d4a

Looks like a regression related to removing ember deprecations: