Username preceded by @ detected as email

(Daniela) #1

@zogstrip I can’t upgrade without the rebuild now (there’s a docker_manager upgrade to do so the rebuild is mandatory and I have to wait tonight to do that).

I was wondering if you even fixed the error that appears when trying to type a username preceded by @

A message icon appears before the username (why?), no list of users appears when I’m typing.
I’m still on v1.9.0.beta11 +33 and all works well (no errors) until I type usernames without @ otherwise I get the error “There was an error changing the ownership of the post”.

I see that the message icon appears even when I try to add users in a group if I type @ (The requested URL or resource could not be found.)

Imho, adding usernames without or with @ should be allowed the same way, with no errors.

(Régis Hanol) #2

I did not fix that. The :email: is used to designate an email address. I think it’s a bug since it’s should at least have one character before the @.

(Daniela) #3

Fixed via

(Daniela) closed #4

(Kane York) #5


@tgxworld shouldn’t this regex be something more like .@ or (?!^)@ ? i.e. requiring a non-empty local part for the email address

(Alan Tan) #6

Good point. @nbianca Could you have a look at the regexp used here?

(Alan Tan) opened #7

(Bianca) #8

Hi @tgxworld,

I submitted PR #5804 to fix this.

(Sam Saffron) closed #9