Users losing disproportionate amount of cheers


I’ve sent this in chat, but I’m unsure if you’ve seen it

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So some of my users notice that the Cheer score goes down by 10-20 points after some time

I guess it could decrease if someone removed likes or accepted solutions, but the thing is, usually, after I ran rake the numbers go up

If this sounds like a bug, please tell me what can I do to help pinpoint it

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What I have done in the past was extracting the SQL from each scorable and running those manually via Data Explorer in order to compare it with what you expect trying to isolate where the difference comes from.

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It feels somewhat wrong that you’ve made a PM public without asking if it’s okay, but alright, that’s not the point.

I’ve picked a certain user.

Scorable Value from Data Query Info from profile
day_visited 259 259
like_given 261 253
like_received 219 219
post_created 374 141
post_read 31 10.6k
solutions 180 21
time_read 5 3d
topic_created 230 41

I have standard multipliers. Third column provided for reference. The sum in the second column is: 1559. The “Cheers” score in user profile is 1458.

UPD: Additional info: all categories are scorable, so it’s really hard to explain why “time_read” score is so low (or posts_read). But the initial concern is visible even without the data from 3rd column: the sum from Data Query is higher than what is shown in Leaderboard/Profile, and that explains why numbers go up after a rake command.


I had a user on my forum accuse me of taking points away from him directly! Needless to say, im also seeing a related issue.

The only thing I could think of that caused it is that i changed the points awarded for each scorable (but generally changed it to be higher) and also that was probably done 2 weeks ago.

Just wanted to follow this topic to see if it is a bug. I will also investigate so I will share any update here.

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I accused @falco of a similar thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do notice a dip in my points quite often, though tracking that is too complex for me to get my head round. Mine may just be deleted posts from the auto-timer topics, but I’ll add my bit anyway. :slight_smile:

I thought (if there was something amiss) it could maybe be something to do with this:


The thing is, if the score drops for a reason – having some posts deleted or likes removed, you shouldn’t see the score going back up after you run

rake gamification_scores:backfill_scores_from[2000-01-01]

But in my case I do see an increase after running this command.

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I’m running a forked version of the leaderboard that shows individual rankings as well as a summed score for a given set of groups. I have the timeframe set for all of August and some members started complaining that they were losing points as I mentioned earlier.

The rake command also restored the points for me too, so it does indicate to me that there could be an bug in the gamification code. I didn’t actually find the root cause (sorry!) but I did also want to update the topic here that the backfilling has corrected the issue!


There was also a backfill done here reasonably recently I think to extend ours back much further than was originally done, and I gained 4000 cheers from nowhere. Which I thought was unusual as I’ve only been on Meta for just over a year, and so I thought all mine would’ve been covered by the original timeframe. I had been losing a few hundred every week though.


This is a common theme for my users as well. The scores tend to slowly decrease and jump by ~300-400 with a rake.

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One specific user on my site keeps dropping in points and I’m completely stumped. A couple days ago he said he lost 200 points and showed me a cached screenshot and that was true, none of the 10 or so other people in the screenshot were inconsistent. Now again today he’s down another 200, again no change for anyone else.

None of the point values have been adjusted (which you would think should affect others as well), no topics or posts are being deleted or moved into untracked categories. No users have been deleted.

The only thing this specific user does that no one else is is Thank hundreds of posts a day presumably spamming for points, which I don’t care about, but this is the only action he does that’s different then the average user. I can’t imagine how that would possibly make his points drop but something is doing it…any ideas? Also is there any plan to allow admins to arbitrary change individual users points, that would also solve this.

I can’t say for certainty if it’s affected anyone else since I nor most people actually care that much to ever notice, but this user is in the top 20 and the others around him that I can directly see the change from his screenshot have definitely not been affected. This is apparently deeply upsetting to him and something he’s monitoring

Edit: for reference I ran the rake command when I first installed it (which was shortly after the plugin was available). I just ran it again now, and EVERY user went up, a completely inconsistent amount. I went up 10k points. That user went up 1000. The #2 user went up 2k. The number #6 user went up 50. (not 50k, 50). EVERY user went up by something (everyone in the top 200 or so, people actively changing points those below that with 2-300 points didn’t change at all), but it’s WILDLY inconsistent how much. But the fact that points returned means it has nothing to do with anything being deleted/removed. Also if adjusting the point calculations adjusts the totals automatically without running the rake then users would go up/down when it was changed, not months later (I haven’t changed any of them for many months). If it only changed the points acquired after that point, then again no points should drop. If the only thing the rake does is readjust the points then it has to be a bug somehow because it wouldn’t pull back points lost to deleted topics right (which, I don’t have any, but theoretically)


@Falco this is still an issue and I wonder if if there’s anything I could do to help find the bug?

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As I said above isolating the problem to a specific scorable would be helpful. From there it will be much easier to pinpoint where it’s coming from.

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I see no pattern in the drops, but it has to be something that either affects a SUBSTANTIAL amount of X category, or it’s somehow a general drain. Because as I mentioned when I reraked, I gained 10k points and I’m #1 with triple the total points of #2 who went up 2k. And the one user I was watching dropped roughly 200 twice in 3-4 days.

So a 10k drop CAN’T be from invite points removing (I do maybe 5 a month and users get anonymized not deleted), it can’t be from flags (I’ve never flagged), it can’t be from solutions. It can’t be days visited; my site is a little over two years old and it’s 2 points per day which is a far, far cry from 10k. That leaves Giving/Receiving Likes, Posts/Topics, and posts read/time read. I’m high in all of these categories. Time read shouldn’t decrease because I can’t imagine there’s anything that removes the time your account has been active on the site.

Edit: Actually I just did the math based on all my stats in all the categories and it actually adds up nowhere close to how many points I have total (or even how many I had before the rake bump). Unless I made an egregious error here. What this discrepency means, I have no idea, but it could explain the drain somehow because it’s way above what it’s supposed to be, so the site could be recalculating and lowering it piece by piece to the proper amount…so no one is “losing”, just getting corrected…

Likes Received: 23.6kx2=47.2k
Likes Given=11kx1=11k (57.2k total)
Solution Score: 50x5=250 (57.45k total)
User Invited: 223 redeemedX10=2,230 (59.68k total)
Time Read: 29daysX24hours=696hoursX2 per hr=1,392 (61,072 total)
Post Read: 56,700/100=567x2=1,134 (62,206 total)
Topic Created: 12.1kx5=60,500 (122,706 total)
Post Created: 15.5kX2=30,800 (153,506 total)
Flag created: I’m not sure where to see this but honestly I think it’s 0-2 (so 0-20 points, negligible)
Day Visited: 878x2=1,756 (155,262 total)

Actual Stated Total in Global Points: 186,110

Maybe some users on other sites who have noticed this issue can do the same calculations with an account that has seen a substantial (or at least noticeable to a degree that 1-500 point difference won’t stand out) difference between what is reported vs. what they should actually have, and if everyone is reporting more points than the math equates then that should narrow down the issue because it’s no longer “losing” points, but correcting with the math. It’s just HOW it’s out of sync


Hello Everyone.

I am using the Discourse Gamification Plugin on my forum, but I have noticed my users are losing points on the leaderboard without any reason. Example: We had a user last week with 448 points, but this week their points dropped to 392 total points.

What could be the reason for this.

Hi @charles_mabwa1 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve moved your post over to this topic to group the similar reports together. :+1:


Can confirm this is still happening, same user noticed he’s lost 400 points (at least) between now and November 15th, where he first noticed 200 points. Everyone else has too

Edit: ok it was actually way more than that, the leaderboard was just reporting 12,134 five minutes ago before I ran the rake task (for the fourth time now) and he jumped to 13,996. So he likely dropped 400 within the last couple days, but has lost far more than that over the months.

I also dropped about 13k, if you look at my earlier post with the calculations Users losing disproportionate amount of cheers - #14 by Kartoon I was at 186,110 (as of December 5th), I am now at 199,663…

So everyone above a couple hundred points (or maybe it’s everyone actively gaining points, I don’t know) is still bleeding points proportionately with how many they have (eg. the more they have, the more they bleed, but possibly stay in the same order on the board as they all drop proportionally).

This is likely still higher than the actual number of points I’m SUPPOSED to have, if I redid the calculations that proved I had 30k too much last time somehow…


Maybe I am wrong but I thought this is works like when you run the rake task it will add an expected score by the user activity and after x days it will be realize to the actual score. :thinking: This is why some users loose chreers and others wins. So I think it depends on the users activity how things happens. But again, this is just an idea, probably I am wrong with this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good news everyone @here :tada:

I think I found the root cause of the score loss and it’s fixed now on the latest version of the plugin!

Note that you will need to run a score backfill once to restore the lost score !


Before | After