Users using different fonts

Is possible to users edit the font in their posts?

I ask this because in the phpbb forum I’m importing some users write AARs (After Action Reports, basically it’s a novel based on gameplay) and they like to use font types and sizes to make the reading more appealing to the readers.
Example, in phpbb we have this:


Of course, the result in Discourse became:


If possible, which syntax should be used (in Markdown, I presume…)?

No, changing font is not possible in posts. You can use HTML or Markdown headers as well as some whitelisted HTML like <big> and <small>

Have you looked at the markdown reference at ?

If you have a category dedicated to those, I recommend making all titles (h1, h2, etc) inside posts in that special category use this fancy font.

That way you get the old behavior, it’s easier for creators (they can use the standard markdown syntax for titles) and restricted to where it makes sense.


Actually I had, when start digging for an improved alternative to our old phpbb… But maybe I need to be more used to Markdown, I think :grimacing:

Yeah, I think it’s a good way to do this, thank you!

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