Using different S3 compatible service


I want to use custom S3 compatible service for user uploads and backup but currently no way to enter custom server in the control panel because you can only choose between AWS availability zones. Wouldn’t it be better to just expose the API endpoints instead of just availability zones? It’s allow the rest of us to store data closer to our audiences for cheaper.


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just for my personal curiosity: Can you name any S3 compatible services and/or software for self installation?

Send me a private message if you don’t want to post them public.


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Already answered here


Thanks. Sorry I was not aware of that before posting.

Is this feature now in the roadmap? I did a quick search in code and I can see that amazon url is hardcoded in several places. Would it be trivial to replace them with new configuration variable and it would work?

Sorry my rails skills aren’t upto speed here.