Using Discourse as SSO - control logout?

I’m using Discourse as SSO for my subdomain site but I get logged out every hour??

How can I take control of this, is it a session, cookie, timer?

Searched a lot but couldn’t find any mention of how this works

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I am using the PHP script.

What is your maximum session age site setting value? By default it’s 1440 hours.


Mine is set to 1440, when I get “logged out” I just see a white screen, I’ll do some checks today but I’m not setting my own cookies only sessions to verify loggged_in in my app and those shouldn’t expire until browser closed.

How it works currently (using the PHP script).

User clicks login button - PHP script does its thing - you login at discourse - if that is successful - set the sessions.

Maybe there is a better way to do it, I’m not sure.

So you are using Discourse as SSO provider and you having issue in your php application. In that case there is nothing you can do from Discourse side. You have to check your PHP session configuration. Discourse part of the SSO is verifying the user login and sending the response only. Your application should handle the rest.

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Ok, which it is, I’ll need to check what I’m doing wrong, thanks for your quick response and help

On a side note:


Is still returning an extra /uploads/default/ in the Avatar URL


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It is fixed as per commit


Incredible, thanks for your help