Using Discourse as SSO for desktop app

So I’ve read over the Using Discourse as a SSO provider article and it seemed to be what I needed. But I seem to have hit a roadblock and can’t get it actually working. Here is a little about my setup and my goals.

My Discourse server is using my Azure AD for its login and that works great. I have a desktop app that I’m writing (c# wpf) that needs to use Discourse to log in. Why use discourse and not Azure? I can’t create or edit the security groups in Azure unfortunately. So instead I need to get the group membership for the users from Discourse since the permissions for the various tools in the app are based off those groups.

I tried using GitHub - Biarity/DiscourseSso: Easy, configurable Discourse SSO: GET /auth/login -> recieve a JWT with user data and as a stand alone tool it works. But it is really for a web app and I can’t get it to work on my desktop app.

If anyone has setup something like this and can help that would be great. If anyone has the calls I need to make in Postman I’d love to see how it is being done there.