Using Discourse for Workforce Communication

Increasingly, companies are using intranet style apps to communicate with their workforce. Here is an overview of such solutions in Germany (unfortunately in German, perhaps run it through Google Translate - some of the referenced websites have English versions):

Start-ups are popping up right left and center to address this need. I am just wondering: Why the heck is Discourse not more present in this space? At least, this is my perception - maybe I am wrong. By my judgement, at least most of the functionality these apps/solutions are offering - for often very steep prices - can be met or even bettered by Discourse (perhaps + plugins).

If I am wrong, and Discourse is often used as a social communication platform in companies, are there any good cases out there that could be used to “sell” Discourse for such a purpose? Does anyone have any experiences to share?


Discourse released “Discourse for Teams” this year. It is a productivity tool for teams at work, that companies would purchase. Here are the details: Is this the kind of thing you mean?


We’re actually working on this :slight_smile: As @JQ331 mentioned, is the place to send people. But you’re right – we’re needing to get our name out there more, as Discourse for Teams has a lot to offer.


Great, thanks for the info. I will be taking Teams for a spin in a while, need to check on pricing for my number of users though. Still, I am also wondering if “regular” Discourse in used in such (company intranet) scenarios and if so, if anyone doing so would like to come forward and share their experiences.


Maybe we are not on that list because you are in Germany and our website is in english? :thinking: Most if not all of the products listed on that page are in Germany or have German websites. We have a bigger presence in the United States and in other english speaking countries, though our software is localized and used in German and many more languages.

I’d also be interested in hearing more stories from people here on meta who use Discourse for internal community, and how it is working out for them. We ourselves have always used discourse internally, as @HAWK wrote up in a blog post a while back.


Discourse is heavily used in the internal community space, I myself implemented Discourse in some with over 40k+ active employees a month. Since those are in intranets, they aren’t that visible to the general public and are almost invisible from most metrics websites that rely on crawlers over publicly accessible data on the internet.