Using discourse forum in a native app (log-in, languages)

Hello, our company runs a global English-education app. We are planning to make a button in the app that links to a forum, so that our users can share things in English.
Considering using discourse for this, our team is wondering two things below:

  1. Can our users automatically log in to the embedded forum using our app account information? I mean, the users are already logged in to our app with their app accounts. So we wonder if they, when click the button to the forum, can just automatically log in using our app account data without having to sign in or log in to discourse.

(Our developer said, if our users have to sign in to discourse we would need to receive users data from discourse and that’ll make development more complicated. That’s why we want our users not to sign in to discourse but just use our app account information to use the forum.)

  1. Can we set up the forum in multi languages, and make the UI appear in a certain language regarding where the specific user is from?

Please note that I have a low level of knowledge in development, so that my questions may not seem very clear and some word choices may be wrong.(I work in planning team).

Also, I would really appreciate it if you can recommend any discourse forums relevant. (i.g. forums dealing with language education, forums using multi-languages, forums embedded in native apps, etc)

Thank you in advance. Have a good one!

Yes. You will want to implement DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso) to get that.

Yes, during the log-in process with DiscourseConnect you can pass the user preferred locale, so the UI will all be localized.

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Thank you so much! In this case(when the forum is embedded in a native app) users cannot get notifications though, can they?

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You can listen to notifications webhooks and then route those notifications to your native app.