Using Discourse to add a forum feature to our current application?

I am researching different avenues that my company can to take for adding a forum feature to our current application.

  • Can it be integrated with Node, JS, and React?
  • Can we use our current user login information to also login to the forum?

You can integrate discourse through discourse’s API, Documentation Here:

You probably can, Discourse supports SSO out of the box but your current authentication server needs to allow authentication to applications like discourse for that to work.

More details here:

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Also, is it able to simply embed into our current application window? So we can keep the nav bar and branding?

Technically You can but there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t.

You can keep your logos/branding in discourse as well, Apart from this, there are ample of theme components available that will allow you to add your navigation links to discourse nav bar.

Can you define what you mean by “our current application?” Do you mean an Android app, or a website, or…?

A web application that we are creating

We don’t support running Discourse inside an iframe.

The recommended approach is running Discourse in another domain and adding your main site look and feel to Discourse (color scheme, fonts, header, footer, logo, etc).