Using Piwik For Analytics

I know there is support for Google Analytics within the admin panel, but I was curious to see if anyone successfully setup Piwik on their community. Where did you place your code at? Was this spot successful with the dynamic loading content? Should I keep an eye out for certain aspects when adding my code?

I would like to take it a step further and track events with Piwik, but I won’t rush into that just yet. Has anyone trying doing this with any platform?

I haven’t used Piwik myself, but you could just add the tracking code by going to admin > customize > CSS/HTML >

Add the tracking code in there and it should work. It looks like piwik uses a tracking code similar to GA so don’t see why that shouldn’t work.

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Thanks for the confirmation! Which section do you think would be the best for this tracking code? Normally, I would put them above the </head>, but I’m not sure if that refreshes enough to catch each page count.

The </head> area is pretty much the only place it can go. Piwik state it must appear before the <body> tag so just dump the code in there and you should be good to go :smile:

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Thanks again for your help!

No problem! Just realised Discourse doesn’t like you using html tags in a post, you have to format it :slight_smile:

Did you search at all? There is an existing topic on this that covers your question exactly.