Verification emails not sending

Hello again,

I’ve read over this topic here and the issue I’m having is really similar to what’s going on in here:

Except the fact that verification emails aren’t being sent period - whether it’s a new member or an existing one. It looks like in this topic emails were being sent to some degree.

I already had an existing test account on my forums (I’m not the owner of the forums, just one made an admin) just to test things out we’re having problems with. This test account had already been verified some 2 years ago. I clicked the “Deactivate Account” button within my test account’s admin page, which has “A deactivated user must re-validate their email.”, but an email was never received.

So here’s what I did:

I saw in that topic I posted above that there’s an option in the Login tab where staff must approve all new user accounts, so I checked that box. I just created another brand new test account and after clicking the “Create New Account” button, it brings me to another page saying “We cannot detect if your account was created, please ensure you have cookies enabled.” I went to the new users tab in the settings, and the account was there in gray lettering (meaning it’s not activated). I clicked on the name of the new account I made and clicked the “Activate Account” button within the account’s admin page and it activated it. I then get a notification saying I need to review and approve the account I just activated. I clicked “Approve User.” I then go back to the new users tab and the username is now blue, meaning it’s activated and ready to go.

An email was never sent during this whole process.

I look through the latest new members and the last 37 accounts made on the forums have a gray username, or haven’t been activated.

I’ve not touched a setting to make it do this. The only thing I can think of was that some update that I performed may have caused this to happen.

I mean, I and the other moderators on the forums can manually activate and approve all the users, but it’s supposed to be… not automatic, but doesn’t need to involve forum staff.

Has something changed recently that’s making it this way, or is there something in the settings I need to change or fix? I searched everywhere in the settings and couldn’t find anything. 2.4.0.beta7 is what’s installed right now.



What do your mail logs say? Can you send a test email? What do your mail service logs show?

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Specifically, where do I find the mail logs? Are you talking about screened emails under logs in the settings? If so, it says “No results found.” Test emails don’t work either. I forgot to mention that. I also don’t know where to find the mail service logs.


You might want to take a quick check on your disable emails setting.

You can find various logs at /admin/email. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the wait.

The disable emails setting is currently set to ‘no’.

I skimmed through the /admin/email settings and nothing really stood out. Is there anything else I can check, or something specific I need to look for?

Edit: I think I did an upgrade just a bit ago (it told me an upgrade was needed, so I started it and it told me it failed. Then it said there were no updates available) and it said something about sideqik not working and that it does multiple functions such as emails, if I remember correctly. Would this cause my problem?



How was this instance installed?


Honestly, I’ve never seen sideqik mentioned before. I’ve looked through the settings several times and never saw anything about sideqik until this last update maybe an hour ago.

I’m assuming it’s something needed?


Yep. Same happened to me on a recent update. If it’s the same, your best bet is to have it manually update:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

I manually retried the failed mail queues, because I like seeing screens automatically refresh, but I believe it will clear itself up after running a while. You can check the logs.


Sidekiq handles all the scheduling in the back-end.

A rebuild as indicated above may help, but without more insight on your instance I honestly can’t say.


I’ve done a couple more updates since then and it’s still telling me sideqik isn’t working at the end of it. At this point I think it’s safe to say it won’t fix itself and someone has to go in manually and fix it?

Also, I don’t know if this is super important, but it doesn’t seem normal to me, but when it was in the middle of updating the last time, in the midst of all the text flying by on my screen, it was throwing a whole bunch of:

WARN: Side effects in initialization of unused variable [more text here]

WARN: Dropping unused variable _value [more text here]


WARN: Dropping unused variable _desc [more text here]

at me. 615 lines. Is this still something from sideqik or something completely different? And should I be worried about this?

Edit: just performed another update. Here’s what it gave me:

It’s still saying it failed to update, but when I go back it says everything is up to date, along with this still on the dashboard: