Versatile banner rotation to display multiple ads in the same position?

Versatile banner rotation to display multiple versatile banner in the same position, been looking for days for a plugin or even in the setting to make this doable… can this be added or even possible.

I don’t mind having columns on however having only up to four at a time and using mobiles can be alittle cluster… I would like something that can be in the same position but automatically slides to be more eye catching.

Hi @Aaron_Walsh :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:

i use the versatile banner component on my forum, but it’s not really intended for displaying ads. i would suggest using the Discourse ad plug-in instead:


Hi @Lilly

Thankyou for the greetings, I’m loving the website (forum) have learnt so much on here it’s great!

However the perpouse is our own PNG. Picture (Ads) more than a 3rd party.

Thankyou for the gesture of helping, hopefully something will come across at some point as a feature.


The ad plugin can be used to create and display your own adverts. :+1:

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Thankyou @JammyDodger this maybe a very good alternative having them around the forum instead of all in one position at the top :+1: