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(Gurjyot Singh) #22

Hello @tshenry, I found one more small issue with using Versatile banner. As I add versatile banner to the theme, it crops the dropdown for activity (on bookmark page) on mobile view. I am using versatile banner in full-width mode.
See the issue here.

Edit: Found one more issue of using Versatile banner in full width. When in full-width the menu of admin section get’s very close to the top header bar (basically there’s no gap between top bar and admin’s menu). This also happens in the user profile.

(Taylor) #23

Thanks for the reports!

I haven’t forgotten about all of these suggestions and bugs. I will post as soon as there is an update to the component. I appreciate everyone’s patience :slight_smile:

(Gurjyot Singh) #24

we are waiting eagerly :slight_smile:

(Taylor) #25

Ok, I have a few bugfixes! Please update the component.

  • Navigation dropdown will no longer be cropped on mobile when on the activity page.
  • The banner should no longer sit right on top of the admin panel buttons (please confirm as I was having a hard time reproducing this)
  • The banner will play nice with the Category Banners component
  • Merged a PR from @Grover that fixes the expand/collapse state persistence. Thanks!

Below are the features that I am still actively looking into adding as time permits. I can’t promise I’ll get them all added, but I will do my best.

  • Add expanded by default option (right now it always starts collapsed if enabled)
  • Rendering the banner only on set sections of the site (I think I’m getting close to a solution for this that isn’t jumpy due to CSS)
  • Allow different banners based on sections of the site, anon/logged-in
  • Ability to add more complex content (like a carousel) using a separate theme component
  • Add option for text buttons instead of font awesome icons

If I’m missing anything let me know :slight_smile:

(Dave McClure) #26

Does this cover @Jennifer_Poole’s request above?

(Gurjyot Singh) #27

I tested the release and it definitely fixed most of the previous issues. But now there’s a small new issue, when in full width mode, the cross button doesn’t show on mobile. But if full width mode is not enabled then the cross button does show.

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(Taylor) #28

Yes, that’s included in what I’ll be looking into. Multiple different banners will almost surely require additional components, but I’m still trying to figure out how exactly this should be handled.

Thanks, I’ll see if I can reproduce this and fix sometime today.

EDIT: Some fixes/changes for the day:

  • Fixed button placement on mobile @thegurjyot
  • Added default collapsed state setting so you can choose to have it start expanded or collapsed @Grover
  • The divs that contain the column icons will no longer be rendered if the column icon settings are left empty.
(Joe Grover) #29

Thank you so much! This works perfectly.

(David Taylor) #30

I think trying to handle this all in one component is going to get very difficult! How about just adding this functionality:

And then people can install multiple copies of the theme component for each new banner?

(Gurjyot Singh) #31

Found another bug, if full width is enabled the notification window and menu doesn’t open full on Queued Posts page. In other words, the notification window and menu window gets cropped and doesn’t show full on “Needs Approval” page.

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(Taylor) #32

Alright, a fix for that should be in place now.

(Steven Greco) #33

I tested installing multiple copies so that i could have one banner for anonymous and one for logged in Users. When both banners are active on a theme the expand/collapse button does not operate correctly. If i try to expand it immediately closes back. When the default setting is collapsed.


Did you use a different cookie name for each banner? I think it might be the reason of the conflict

(Steven Greco) #35

Yes i have separate names for the cookies. but no expiration date set. It should release each visit correct.

(Steven Greco) #36

I have another issue as the banner for Anon users does not show at all.

(Taylor) #37

Hang tight, I’m actively working on a refactor that I think should better facilitate the ability to use multiple banners. At the moment, installing the component twice is not going to work.


Good component but I have a request. When we switch between dark and light themes it would be better if it has different color settings for each theme.

Might work like this:

(Krischan) #40

What would be the best practice, if I want to have several instances of that banner, but in different form and on different pages? Would I need to make a copy of that component and change all variable names? And would it affect performance? Thanks!

(Taylor) #41

Multiple variations and page specific banners seem to be a common request. I’m still trying to figure out the right way to do it. I’ve had to put this down a few times in hopes of having fresh ideas when I pick it back up. I’ll do another pass on it soon.

Keep an eye on this topic for an update. Until then, thanks for the patience!


My users are reporting that the banner is persistent, despite them dismissing it. The next time they open the browser it is there. I’m up to date and I can repro. Is anyone else experiencing this?