Versatile Banner

You can’t. You would need to make them an admin.


Do you know of any other component where moderators can change banner photo?

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No. Moderators cannot change themes.

It would be possible to create a theme that would, say, make the banner a photo in a topic with a certain tag or category (or the newest topic with that tag or category). You could then limit access to that tag or category to members of a certain group. I wrote a plugin once that took its data from the most recent reply to a topic.

So, without looking at the code, I think you could fork the theme and do something like that.


Hi there, I got a question about this theme-component (but I think it’s also about other theme-components also)

is there anyway I could localize the text I put on the configured html?

I suppose if I fork the theme-component I would be able to add more localizations, but I am afraid i won’t be able to afford that customization level right now

Thank you all

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before i try to attack it with a bunch of code, just wonder if it is even possible to force the banner to sit inside the page container beside the sidebar instead of having the sidebar down under it?


You can have a look at the Plugin outlet locations theme component to see where you can easily add stuff.

That would help only if you were going to create your own component or fork this one, though.


I’ve just opened a PR that will add a plugin outlet setting so it can be displayed like this:

@tshenry can you try it out and merge it when you have a chance? DEV: plugin outlet setting for sidebar, prettier by awesomerobot · Pull Request #15 · tshenry/discourse-versatile-banner · GitHub


thank you so much for this and for all your great work @awesomerobot :slight_smile:


Looks great :star_struck: Thanks @awesomerobot!

PR merged!


Tested and working smooth!


works perfecly! :+1:


just a quick note - this component seems to leave a gap in the top margin under the header in desktop view - it is also noticeable above the navigation bar in views where it’s not enabled (ie: if show for members is disabled).

to repro, go to a category or topic list page in a desktop view and compare when the component is enabled or disabled - the top margin expands by about 25px. this is can been seen in views where the banner is not enabled for members too (i’ve added a top-margin corrector to the main-outlet in common css for the time being).


I can observe the same in mobile view also. Disabling this TC fixes the gap, so the cause is definitely in here somewhere.


FYI, you can add this to the common css for formatting the banner. i use similar for formatting my versatile banner to fix it in the meantime.

// * compensate for versatile banner top margin off-set *

#main-outlet {
  margin-top: -25px;

Could someone explain it to me from 0.
I want to create a banner that is just an image. I have installed the theme component.
I would like to know how to make the banner bigger so that the image can be seen. You would have to explain it to me as if I don’t know anything.

I’ve deleted all the text, but I don’t know how to make the banner bigger to show the full picture.

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try this in a theme component. in common css:

#homepage-banner {
    width: 100%;
    height: 300px;

you can adjust the height to however you like.

put the following around the image in the versatile banner component where you have your image URL, probably the main heading content field.

<div id="homepage-banner">

put image here


you can add other CSS code to format it more. you can look at the versatile banner on my site (see profile) and get an idea of what can be done with other formatting like rounding corners and inserting text.

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Thank you very much, it works perfectly and very well explained for a novice like me.