Versatile Banner

Yeah, I kinda felt dirty while I was adding it, but we’ve seen pretty good usage of that button in the banner so we want to keep it around. Your solution worked perfect! Thanks!


Can you add a setting to hide the banner in /search? Since the banner is placed above the search field, it pushed the search text field beyond the visible area when expanded.

As alternative maybe put the banner below the search field.

You can try the issue here:


Actually it may not be as simple as that. This is definitely an issue though. You can even see this broken on Feverbee’s site btw (when viewing on iOS Safari on mobile), which may not be using the same component but the challenge is the same.

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Maybe better to add option to hide it on /search completely!
From UX/UI perspective it might not be useful anyway

It’s looking like there may be an issue with the setting that’s supposed to restrict the banner to specific pages. It will be a little while before I get an opportunity to work on this component, so for now, can you try adding the following CSS to your theme:

.search-page .banner-box {
    display: none;


what’s the CSS class to hide it in /admin/?
it’s still displayed there

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This should do it :slight_smile:

.admin-interface .banner-box {
    display: none;