Very high user profile views

One of my Discourse sites that attracts about 40 logged-on users a day is seeing spikes of > 500 user profile views on some days.

I’ve used the Dataexplorer plugin to work out that most are from a single IP: which does not appear to be from a registered user.

FROM user_profile_views
WHERE viewed_at > '3/24/2018'
GROUP BY user_profile_views.ip_address
ORDER BY COUNT(user_profile_views.ip_address) DESC

I’m aware of the prior posts on this subject but the Topics are all closed.

Anyone still seeing this? Any thoughts?

I have taken action and now set this setting:

hide user profiles from public

 Disable user cards, user profiles and user directory for anonymous users.

To checked.

Any more advice would be appreciated.

Can you check your HTTP request logs to see what the user-agent is for the request?

Yep, indeed, on doing this:

root@blah-app:/var/log/nginx# grep '' access.log.1

I discovered many instances of this:

AlphaBot/3.2; +

Found this:

A bot for collecting data for SEO reports?

So I guess harmless?


Good news! @neil is working on a feature that lets you block badly behaved bots. Should be ready by end of week.


what is the issue associated with the above? if you don’t mind explaining it :smiley:

Search your site setting for “blacklisted crawler” and add unique user agent strings as you see fit.

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