View and sort all replies by number of likes

Is it possible for me as a user to sort my replies by the number of likes each reply received? My summary page shows my top 6 replies, but upon clicking “more” it just dumps me into my recent activity view (u/mbauman/activity/replies). Blindly tossing a ?order=likes on that url doesn’t work.

Is it possible for me as an admin (or user) to view all replies across the entire site and sort them by the number of likes they received? I can go to /top?order=likes, and see the total number of likes all posts in a thread, but I’m wanting to find a list of individual “good” posts, not the sum over all posts in a (potentially absurdly long) thread.


Given that this didn’t gain any traction as a support discussion item, I’m moving it over to the feature category as a feature request :slight_smile:

I think advanced search could work for this, scoped to “posted by you”?

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Ah, of course, thank you. That does the ticket — just a /search?q=@mbauman%20order:likes is perfect for a single user and something like /search?q=after:2000%20order:likes works for all posts. Thank you!

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