Vim mode for composer (plugin idea)

I just collapsed the composer twelve times by accident because I keep instinctively hitting the escape key when I want to get out of insert mode and move the cursor around. Has anyone played around with creating a pluigin that would let users switch the composer into vim mode?


Love this idea.
In my case, I’m actually typing this reply in in Vim mode.

Not perfect, but you can install it right now.


This is very interesting, except for the absolutely horrendous sounds :wink: the one thing you do miss out about big time is @mention support and :emoji.

Seems to work though for the diehards!

Haha… It’s a version of vi so it must not be usable without customizing the .rc file…

set nolaunchbell is what you’re looking for.

For me:

" exrc for wasavi
set ts=4
set sw=4
set ai
set et
set nu
set bellvolume=5
set nolaunchbell
set visualbell
set theme=matrix
map! <C-V> <esc>"*pa
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