Visiting a 404 link strips the header from its features (avatar, search, hamburger, etc)

If we follow a gone link it’s like we’re suddenly not a member anymore:

  • Our cheery icon is gone from the upper right, as are the helpful search and “chat” icons.
  • The friendly three bar menu is gone from the upper left.
  • Sayonara sidebars too.

It’s like some crisis has happened.


Visiting bad link on mobile: everything is still there

All I know is

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I experience the same:

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AFAIK this is still the case:

So an error raised by a bad inbound link will serve the flat page, whereas an error from a bad internally navigated link would still contain those elements.


I see.Hopefully Old links not properly redirected by the system will soon not trigger this in the first place.

Just another reminder: I work mostly with content and human’s way to use content, and I’m a webmaster, sysadmin and admin of everything just because I’m poor and small fish…

But — can the issue here is so simple that because Discourse is kind of a-typical :wink: web-solution it is harder or close to impossible send JS-based content when serving html status error 404 that needs static content in the meaning how a client sees it? I don’t know at all what W3C, RFC etc. says.

No? Not even close?

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I thought web pages could have both script and noscript parts.

But discourse isn’t web pages, it’s a single page JavaScript app.

If you visit the app via a nonexistent route, such as a broken link, then you are served a static 404 page which is styled to look like the rest of the site. It isn’t part of the app, so can’t function like it.

If you click an internal link (from within the app) to a page which doesn’t exist then it serves you a 404 error within the app itself.

They aren’t the same thing.