Voice Recorder Component

@angus thanks for this nice component,
possible to enable it in chat, that will be very nice ! appreciate it… thanks…


@Muhammed_EKİCİ Did you get any interest (or sponsorship) on this?"


“audio in chat”

hope @angus or @Muhammed_EKİCİ could consider this enhancement, that will bring more fun in chat. thanks and highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi, it’s possible to update the component for the latest version of discourse?

Im getting errors

Possible, yes. But it would require quite a bit of work from someone to do so.

As this is not an official theme component, we can’t expect the Discourse team to do it. Therefore, it comes down to someone either volunteering the dev effort required, or someone paying somebody else to do the dev effort required.

Have you considered either of those paths?


For now, I’ve added the broken tag :+1:


You can allow audio uploads in Discourse already. Just allow .mp3 files and other filetype you want to accept.

Was just thinking about having voice notes that automatically get transcribed with OpenAI Whisper (or something similar) so that one can choose to listen to or read someone’s voice reply.

I host a podcast and part of the idea is to get people talking, that we absorb so much from the internet and then often hold it in, suppressing instead of expressing. While people can already type in the forum, I just got excited if we could keep the modality the same by giving people an option to use and listen to spoken words. However, I also like how text-oriented Discourse can be.

One could even listen to a playlist of all the replies of a topic, in the voice people used to record.

Maybe off-topic or too big for this component, but thought I’d put it here to maybe spark conversation.

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Any plans to make it work with 3.2+
We really liked the low friction of sending audio messages within our discourse staff.

@jrgong Can you give this fork a try before I make a PR, please?

URL: https://github.com/Arkshine/discourse-voice-recorder
Branch: modernize

It worked on iPad anyway.

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A PR would be much appreciated!

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Tested it on MacOS + Arc Browser, works like a charm so far. Will test it with our staff and see how it performs on different devices and browsers

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Sorry for the wait. I wanted to redo the branch to make the review easier!


Thanks to Angus, the PR has been merged. :pray:

I’m removing the broken tag. :+1: