Voice to text integration

hello there
I wan to create a functionality in my discource forum,

instead of typing on keyboard i want to create a voice to text set up, so i speak and it converts my voice into text in any discource post.

anybody know how i can accomplish this ?

Using your phone, for example?

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If you have voice to text with a phone app then you can just use that when you have a discourse text box open or copy in text from other app.

That is automatically integrated with some phones such as samsung keyboard there is a microphone icon you can click for that.


Hello! Perhaps in the future this feature will be implemented using additional Discourse AI or Chatbot plugins. I hold profound hopes for this.

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Yeah through phone priamrily

also can we add voice message feature?
so a direct option to send voice notes in a post?
like on whatsapp and telegram?

Looks like there has been some talk about that here:

or this one:

Do not hope, PR.

I would love to create a PR, but I am not a programmer and the only participant in my project (I have no programmer employees) :pensive: