Voting in polls directly by email

(Tobias Eigen) #1

We’ve all seen the support emails with the “how satisfied were you with our service?” type question directly in the email - here’s one I got today from

To improve participation in polls, it would be interesting if it were possible to see all poll options directly in the email notification, and be able to click the poll option you want to vote for directly in the email. You’d then be taken to the poll with your vote already counted. Like this:

Additionally, it would be interesting to be able to share just a poll in a PM (existing community member) or email (not yet a member) to ask them to vote in the poll. To make this happen it appears we’d have to use a different syntax that displays the poll e.g. [poll topic=nnn name=foobar].

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(Tobias Eigen) #2

Does anyone have any wise insights on how to share just a poll in another topic or PM? This seems to be the only thing holding me back. Right now, when I quote a poll in another topic it displays in plain text without the poll. See screenshots.

How the poll should look:

How it actually looks in quoted text:

And from a colleague. Maybe we are trying to squeeze too much use out of discourse polls which were intended for something else. But I still like the idea of using discourse polls so we can leverage all the other anti-spam and increased meaningfulness benefits as we do with embedded comments.

In my ideal world, the vote up/down funtionality is essentially a “widget” with a unique up/down link for each resource…so we could embed it in various places (email, wordpress, discourse, etc.)