Want to hire someone to make a simple discourse plugin for me

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I would like a plugin that works almost identical to the way the search page works, but slightly different. The plugin should do a search for the query, and then do a 301 redirect to the top search result. For example:
would give the user a 301 redirect to:

Because that is the top result for:

If anyone is interested in working on this please contact me with the amount of compensation you require and the timeline in which you could provide it. I can pay with paypal, and i will take the fee on my end so you get the full amount.


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@kpfleming Thanks for letting me know.

(James Kiesel) #4

I’ve completed this plugin, and made it available to anyone who wants to use it here:

(Adrian D'atri Guiran) #5

Thanks James!

I’ve sent you the rest of the money. Plugin works perfectly.

If anyone happens to be migrating from phpbb with SEO mod, you can do all your redirects with a simple php script and this plugin.

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); 

$actual_link = basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$parts = explode('-',$actual_link);
if($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == "/"){
	$redirect_url = "http://new.forum.url";
} else if(sizeof($parts) > 1){
	array_pop($parts); // remove the -t123.html
	$redirect_url = "http://new.forum.url/teleport/search?q=".implode("+", $parts);		
} else {
	$redirect_url = "http://new.forum.url";
header("Location: ".$redirect_url);

Importing from phpBB3
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