Way to type email address inside topic so it looks like link in easier way

(Admir Hodzic) #1

Is there markdown for typing email addresses inside topics.
If I type adopilot@gmail.com how I can make my email look like link
so when someone click on e mail browser try open new

We can make link like this

<a href="mailto:adopilot@gmail.com"> adopilot@gmail.com </a>

That will work adopilot@gmail.com as should be.

But most of users would not know how to make link with mailto: property.
It will be nice if parser can parse e mails automatically to looks like this or we can extend Hyperlink button to accept also e mails

(Benjamin Kampmann) #2

[my email](mailto:email@example.com)

renders into

my email

(Dan Porter) #3

In markdown, you should place email addresses within <> brackets.

You should email <admin@example.com> for more information.


You should email admin@example.com for more information.