Webhooks on chat messages?

Hello! I’ve implemented a chatbot through OpenAi & Discourse’s Webhooks.

TL;DR, I created a user called Robolivier that replies when mentionned.

I would like to have him reply to a specific channel & to direct messages.

There are no “chat messages” in the list of events sent through webhook:

How would I go about doing that? Is there a plugin available? Maybe a setting I’ve missed?


Hey there, in case you didn’t know there is Discourse Chatbot :robot: (supporting ChatGPT) that already works in topics/chats/PM’s.

So unless you are building your bot for educational purposes, I would just install that if I were you.

I also think that doing this through API, because you probably want to get chat history to improve your AI responses, might be possible but you might bump into some challenges (correct me if I’m wrong).

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But it would still be nice to have a webhook for chat messages, especially since allowed_user_api_push_urls is now a hidden setting. If you can’t use a plugin then right now all you can do is poll for notifications right now, which is pretty suboptimal.

Is there any way a plugin can add a webhook trigger option?
Would a PR be accepted for this?


agree, chat webhook is a different need,