Welcome Link Banner theme-component with photos

hi, I would like to kindly request two features for this theme component

1- Option to place photos of square size 100X100, this is very useful to show photos of tributes (Member who died, idol who died, user who donated money) awareness campaign photos (To get vaccines, to do a cancer test for a prospect) photos of an event (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter) and with a title and small text

2 - And that the TL4 and moderators could also edit the photo and text, so they also put the photos of the moment for tribute, campaign awareness or whatever, This way, it would be easier to put photos and text and it would not depend only on the administrator.

@mecay hi there, there is also the Versatile Banner theme component as well that may help you but it doesn’t allow moderator change. i use it on my site and it has more room for text and photos.

mod’s (or custom groups) cannot change themes - so i’m not sure if what you are requesting is possible, but if so it will require some custom programming, so i would post this topic in the marketplace category.

you could also try using the “add a feature topic” code to use one topic as a header and your mods could change that topic. could also manipulate the appearance with some CSS too. :woman_shrugging:


Hello daniela,

The banner welcome field accepts HTML code, thus, you can already put images and adjust them with CSS if needed.

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thank you very much for letting me know this, it worked very well here, the css code for the desktop worked perfectly, but the css code for mobile the image is not centered, each cell phone is in a different position

I’ve already used this versatile banner, but I found its UI not as interesting as the Welcome Link Banner’s UI, apart from that it’s a bit complicated to use (Even more so for other people who work with it like my moderators, who don’t understand of HTML or CSS) I made an adaptation in the welcome link banner, but it looks horrible, it gives me a lot of headaches

I used this code you gave me, and it works the way I want it, but it gives me a lot of problems and for other people who try to use the plugin

Every time I upload a photo I have to resize it in photoshop, because it doesn’t automatically cut it to square size, and if I put a bigger title, it disappears, and if I put a big message body, the text and the photo they go up, anyway, I always have to fix it, apart from that sometimes, even fixing it, there are some errors where the text is on the other side of the banner, a headache

just curious - are you expecting that Discourse will automatically crop and resize photos for you? you have photoshop which is for this purpose, so you should be doing your photo formatting before uploading to your forum.

I’m using a translator, maybe the translation was out of context, but in the versatile banner, when you put any image from google, it adjusts itself, without being badly resized, whereas in the welcome link banner, it is expressed

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oh i see what you mean. i’d recommend formatting photos in photoshop first regardless.

you could always build your own component (or fork an existing one) to suit your needs. sometimes that is easier than trying to adapt another one.

I always do this, the biggest problem is with the position of the photo and text, if I write a little more the photo goes up, the text goes down, it’s always crazy and stress to fix it on mobile and desktop

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