Welcome Link Banner

Perfect, I’ve updated the component to latest and it looks great now. Thanks! :+1:


Hey Kris! :slight_smile:

Three little things:

  1. Keegan is right. user-group doesn’t exist in FA 5: https://fontawesome.com/v5/search?q=user-group&o=r&m=free. user-friends exists: https://fontawesome.com/v5/search?q=user-friends&o=r&m=free

  2. The svg_icons setting could be empty by default since the three icons used in the default banner are already available in Discourse

  3. The svg_icons setting seems broken. Adding icons’ names in it doesn’t work. But adding them to the Discourse svg icon subset setting, however, works.

Thanks @JammyDodger for investigating this :smile:


I’ve just made an update that adds a layout setting, which defaults to text-left and has a new option text-top:

This is useful when you want to add a lot of text or more than 3-4 icons.

I’ve updated the defaults to use user-friends (I could keep the svg_icons setting blank, but I like having an example in there)

I’ve tried this and it seemed to work for me. I used poo-storm in the banner links setting, which results into a blank space where the icon should be. Then when I add poo-storm to the svg_icons setting it appears.


Hi !

I read this topic but not found my issue… How to add a link in the banner (with icon in the Editor) which will open in a new tab ? I checked the option “Open external links in a new tab” in Discourse settings but it not works…


Hi, I tried again and I confirm it’s working. I don’t know why it wasn’t before, especially since both Jammy and I tried, but that doesn’t matter now :slight_smile:


It is strange that the component was installed a few days ago without problems, but yesterday afternoon he did not show it


can i give you two suggestions?

1 - place image next to the text
2 - let moderators have access to modify the theme too

because it would be really cool to be able to put an image and a message, every month to do an awareness campaign


Hello! I checked the option “Open external links in a new tab” in Discourse settings. When I clicked the links on the banner, it doesn’t open a new window. I’ve tried different browser/incognito. It seems like the option “Open external links in a new tab” only works if you leave a external link in the post/comment. What am I doing wrong here?



You’re not doing anything wrong, that feature wasn’t considered when building this component. I’ll make a note to add it when I have a little time.


Ah, ok. Thank you @awesomerobot for creating this component. :grinning: